OK, it is time to announce some changes that I alluded to in comments to an earlier post.

Firstly, I have decided to take an invitation to blog over at the new FQXi community pages.  At the moment, I’m just doing this on an experimental basis for a couple of months and I am fully intending to bring my foundational musings back over here at the end of it.  One reason for this is that the FQXi blogs currently work a bit more like forums than a regular blog and they are missing a number of key features, e.g. rss feeds, that I think are important.  Still, I think it will be worthwhile as I will potentially be able to reach a wider audience of people working on fundamental physics who would not read this blog.  For now, I will be posting links here when I write a FQXi post, so you can keep track of them.  The first one on ontological vs. epistemic wave-vectors can be found here.

Secondly, I have decided that my strategy to keep this blog purely focussed on foundations and maintain another blog about technology in academia is not really working.  For one thing, I can hardly ever be bothered to write posts on the other blog and it is certainly not the case that I have groundbreaking new things to say about foundations every day.  Therefore, I think it would be an improvement if I allow myself to write about a wider array of subjects in fundamental science and other things that I think are interesting.  Rest assured that foundations will remain the focus, so this will not become just another general physics blog and you will definitely never find me writing any posts about my pet dog.

13 responses to “Changes

  1. Jasper den Ouden

    “you will definitely never find me writing any posts about my pet dog.”
    Guess thats why there are so few replies here then, woof! woof!

    (just kidding of course)

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  3. “and you will definitely never find me writing any posts about my pet dog.”

    you are boring!


  5. cat person, eh?

  6. needs more dog.

  7. lol, all the reads this page has seen were directed by that dog

  8. I like the dog. What’s your issue with the dog. The dog didn’t do anything to you.

  9. Dogs are cool. i like dogs.
    are you a dog ?

  10. Just to clarify, I have no issue with dogs or with Chad’s dog in particular. I may well be a “cat person”, but that is also beside the point. It’s just that blogging about your pets one of the biggest blogging cliches in existence so I prefer to avoid it.

  11. No no, blogging about your big breakup or blogging line item lists of your daily activities on Wednesday, those are the biggest cliches in blogging.

    Writing a clever, funny physics post told in the voice of a man speaking to his anthopomorphized dog, is freaking funny. 😉

  12. Another big blogging cliche is to obsess over the process of blogging…

  13. If you’ll pardon the pun, for someone who has a problem with blog posts about dogs, you come off as pretty bitchy.

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