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Q+ Hangout: Joe Fitzsimmons

Speaker: Joe Fitzsimons, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore

Date: Tuesday 29th May 2012

Time: 14:00 British Summer Time

Title: Universal blind quantum computation


Blind Quantum Computing (BQC) allows a client to have a server carry out a quantum computation for them such that the client’s inputs, outputs and computation remain private. In this talk I will present a protocol for universal unconditionally secure BQC, based on the conceptual framework of the measurement-based quantum computing model. In this protocol the client only needs to be able to prepare single qubits in separable states randomly chosen from a finite set and send them to the server, who has the balance of the required quantum computational resources. This scheme has recently been implemented in a quantum optics setting. I will finish with a discussion of variants of the scheme allowing the client to detect deviations from the protocol by a malicious server.

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