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I don’t normally like to just list new papers without commenting on them, but I don’t have much reading time at the moment so here are two that look interesting.

Firstly, Andrew Steane has a new paper entitled “Context, spacetime loops, and the interpretation of quantum mechanics”, which was written for the Ghirardi festschrift. Steane is best known for his work on quantum error correction, fault tolerance and ion trap quantum computing, which may not engender a lot of confidence in his foundational speculations. However, the abstract looks interesting and the final sentence: “A single universe undergoing non-unitary evolution is a viable interpretation.” would seem to fit with my “Church of the smaller Hilbert space” point of view. Steane has also addressed foundational issues before in his paper “A quantum computer only needs one universe”, and I like the title even if I am not familiar with the contents. Both of these are on my reading list, so expect further comments in the coming weeks.

The second paper is a survey entitled “Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Information Theory” by Chris Timpson. The abstract makes it seem like it would be a good starting point for philosophers interested in the subject. Timpson is one of the most careful analysers of quantum information on the philosophy side of things, so it should be an interesting read.

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