Foundations Spring/Summer 2006

Here’s my list of the highlights of the conference season for foundations this year:

  • Foundations of Quantum Information and Entanglement.
  • April 28th-30th: New Directions in the Foundations of Physics – University of Maryland.
    • This is annual meeting is usually interesting. Unfortunately, attendance is by invitation only.
  • May 29th-June 2nd: Beyond the Quantum – Lorentz Centre.
  • June 4th-9th: Foundations of Probability and Physics 4 – Vaxjo.
  • July 9th-14th: Quantum Structures 2006 – Malta.
    • The big “quantum logicy” meeting.
  • 28th November – 3rd December: Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing – Tsukuba.
    • This is really a quantum info./optics meeting, but it’s a big one and there’s usually some foundationsy talks as well.

    Personallly, I’ll definitely be at Vaxjo, Malta and Tsukuba, so I’ll see you there if you’re going.

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