This page lists my open source projects. Please contact me if you are interested in getting involved with the development of any of these projects.

Plugins for Elgg – A platform for social networking sites

All my Elgg plugin projects are hosted on Github. Note that I stopped maintaining my Elgg site in 2010, so the plugins have not been updated since then. They would need to be modified to work with the current version of Elgg, so use at your own risk.

  • elgg-latex plugin: Parses LaTeX and outputs HTML+MathML in Elgg messages, blogs, comments, messageboards and group forums.
  • elgg-arxiv-widget plugin: A widget for displaying the results of an arXiv search on profiles and dashboards.

Plugins for LionWiki – A minimalist, flat file, PHP wiki engine

I have written the ubiquitous plugin for converting LaTeX equations into .png images.

  • LatexImg: : Converts LaTeX markup into images. This plugin is distributed with the main LionWiki package, which is available here. You can view the documentation and download the plugin on its own here.