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The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics

This post exists because many people have complained that the link pointed to a dummy website rather than a page with details of the event. There are no more details of the event other than what you have already seen on Twitter, Facebook, etc. or the email you received. The link will point directly to the YouTube livestream on the day of the event rather than here. I will also post the livestream link here once it has been set up in case anyone bookmarks this page by mistake.

Sean Carroll

The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics
A Popular Physics Discussion
Sean Carroll in conversation with Matt Leifer
Wednesday September 16, 5pm PDT (California Time)

The Institute for Quantum Studies at Chapman University presents an online discussion between Dr. Sean Carroll (Caltech) and Dr. Matthew Leifer (co-Director of the Institute for Quantum Studies at Chapman) on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.  Dr. Carroll is a theoretical physicist, specializing in quantum mechanics, gravitation, cosmology, statistical mechanics, and foundations of physics.  He is also a prolific author of popular science book and his latest – Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds ad the Emergence of Spacetime – argues that quantum mechanics is best explained in terms of multiple universes that are constantly splitting from one another, and explains how this point of view may help us to understand quantum gravity.  This will be the topic of conversation with Dr. Leifer, which will be accessible to a general audience.  The conversation will be broadcast live on YouTube at There will be an opportunity for audience Q&A and a book giveaway during the event.