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Welcome to Quantum Quandries

A hearty welcome to my currently nonexistent readership. This blog is designed to fill a gap in the market for blogs titled “Quantum Somethingorother”, being devoted to the foundations and interpretation of quantum theory. Posts will be aimed at physicists, philosophers, mathematicians and amateurs who are interested in this subject.

In my opinion, it is high time that we demonstrated to the rest of the academic community that this is a serious subject, with many important questions to answer and experiments to perform. With this in mind, you should bear in mind the following rules:

  • Comments are moderated and should be relevant to the topic of the post. I don’t want every discussion to degenerate into an argument about the exact meaning of Bell’s Theorem, as happens on certain physics discussion sites that will remain nameless.
  • This is a guaranteed crank free zone. No comments publicizing nonsensical theories or “proving” that “Einstein was wrong” will be allowed.