Unsong of unsongs
20 May 2017 | 9:43 am

On Wednesday, Scott Alexander finally completed his sprawling serial novel Unsong, after a year and a half of weekly updates—incredibly, in his spare time while also working as a full-term resident in psychiatry, and also regularly updating Slate Star Codex, which I consider to be the world’s best blog.  I was honored to attend a party in Austin (mirroring parties […]

My broken blog
8 May 2017 | 10:09 pm

I wanted to let people know I’m well-aware that Shtetl-Optimized has been suffering from the following problems lately: Commenters are presented with the logins (handle, email address, and URL) of random other commenters, rather than with their own default login data.  In particular, this means that email addresses are leaking, and that when you comment, you […]

This Week’s BS
5 May 2017 | 2:22 pm

There are two pieces of BosonSampling-related news that people have asked me about this week. First, a group in Shanghai, led by Chaoyang Lu and Jianwei Pan, has reported in Nature Photonics that they can do BosonSampling with a coincidence rate that’s higher than in previous experiments by a factor of several thousand.  This, in particular, lets […]

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