Pushing costs upstream and risks downstream: Making a journal publisher profitable
8 September 2017 | 1:30 pm

I’m not quite sure exactly what was the reason but there was a recent flare-up of the good old “how much does it cost to publish a scholarly article” discussion recently. Partly driven by the Guardian article from last month on the history of 20th century scholarly publishing. But really this conversation just rumbles along with a regular flare up when someone does a new calculation that comes to a new number, or some assertion is made about “value” by some stakeholder. Probably the most sensible thing said in the most ...

Speculation: Learning, Teaching and Knowledge Making
30 August 2017 | 3:33 pm

I’ve just read Lave and Wenger’s (1991) book Situated Learning on the recommendation of Isla Gershon. Like many books I’ve been reading this was radical in its time but reads in some ways to me today as common sense. It’s actually quite hard for me to reconstruct the world view in which this was seen as a dangerously radical departure. The core of Lave and Wenger’s argument is that to understand learning we have to see the learner as a whole person in a web of relationships. They propose that a ...

Diversity and Inclusion are the Uniting Principle of Open Science
11 August 2017 | 2:09 pm

I had a twitter rant and a few people asked if I would convert it into a post. It also seemed worth preserving. This is a very lightly edited version of the thread that starts with this tweet. I saw this thread last night about #openscience inclusion and diversity, and I'm not going looking for it again. But here's my view. 1/n — CⓐmeronNeylon (@CameronNeylon) August 10, 2017 The only thing that links all varying strands of open science (and open scholarship more generally) is inclusion and diversity as a first principle. The primary ...

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