Epistemic diversity and knowledge production
23 October 2018 | 8:42 am

Consider this yet another commitment to trying to write here a little more regularly. Lots of thinking has been going on but not much writing! At least not writing as I’m going… Three things colliding over the past few weeks have led me to want to try and get some ideas down. The first was a conversation – one of a set really – with Titus Brown and Dan Katz relating to the application of political economy and collective action theory to communities building research. The second was the posting of ...

Thinking out loud: Tacit knowledge and deficit models
9 May 2018 | 4:04 pm

This post was prompted by Donna Lanclos tweeting a link to a talk by Eamon Tewell: OK so I'm not mad at all but this talk from @EamonTewell anticipates lots of what I want to dig into in a future talk of mine. So, I'm gonna cite this https://t.co/lZVYTFKp0u — Donna Lanclos (@DonnaLanclos) May 5, 2018 His talk, on the problems of deficit models chimed with me on issues of tacit knowledge. I’m still noodling around an underpinning theory of knowledge for my work (blog post currently has spent nearly 12 months ...

Against the 2.5% Commitment
5 January 2018 | 3:04 pm

Three things come together to make this post. The first is the paper The 2.5% Commitment by David Lewis, which argues essentially for top slicing a percentage off library budgets to pay for shared infrastructures. There is much that I agree with in the paper, the need for resourcing infrastructure, the need for mechanisms to share that burden, and fundamentally the need to think about scholarly communications expenditures as investments. But I found myself disagreeing with the mechanism. What motivates me to getting around to writing this is the recent ...

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