FORCE11 Executive Board Statement on Restrictions to Immigration
2 February 2017 | 6:49 pm

My normal practice is that nothing posted here has been seen orĀ vetted by others. This post is a departure fromĀ that because I think it is important enough to justify whatever extra reach I can give it. This text, which has just been sent out to FORCE11 Members by email, was seen by the FORCE11 Board of Directors and the linked statement was approved by a board vote. Dear Colleagues Re: FORCE11 Board of Directors Statement on Restrictions to Immigration FORCE11 works towards the goal of being a global platform that brings communities together ...

Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Man
1 February 2017 | 5:33 pm

  This is the first draft of the second chapter of a book that I’m starting to work on. The initial draft of the first chapter is also posted here. My recent post on evolution was a first pass at exploring some of the ideas needed for later chapters. It’s 5,476 words incidentally so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I don’t think I would like to meet myself as a twenty year old. I was arrogant, sure of myself, concerned with where I was going. Of course all of this was ...

Blacklists are technically infeasible, practically unreliable and unethical. Period.
29 January 2017 | 10:42 pm

It’s been a big weekend for poorly designed blacklists. But prior to this another blacklist was also a significant discussion. Beall’s list of so-called “Predatory” journals and publishers vanished from the web around a week ago. There is still not explanation for why, but the most obvious candidate is that legal action, threatened or real, was the cause of it being removed. Since it disappeared many listservs and groups have been asking what should be done? My answer is pretty simple. Absolutely nothing. It won’t surprise anyone that I’ve never been ...

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