Reading LaTeX articles
18 April 2017 | 1:04 pm

Yesterday I read the LaTeX2e-News of April, 2017. At first I tried it using a smart phone, then with a tablet. The news don’t appear as text on the project’s web site, there’s just a link. It has to be … Continue reading

LaTeX2e News
17 April 2017 | 11:16 am

This month saw a new release of LaTeX2e. The following has been changed or added: In addition to the yyyy/mm/dd date format, LaTeX now accepts ISO 8601 format date strings in the date argument of \ProvidesPackage , \usepackage , etc. … Continue reading

TeX Live 2016 frozen
14 April 2017 | 11:51 pm

Karl Berry mentioned it on the TL mailing list: TL 2016 is frozen now, a final build has been made. The pretest of TL 2017 will start soon.  

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