Another journal flips
27 July 2017 | 10:39 am

There is widespread (even if not universal) agreement that something is deeply wrong with the current system of academic publishing. The basic point, which has been made innumerable times by innumerable people, is that the really hard parts — the writing of papers, and the peer review and selection of the ones to publish — […]

Intransitive dice VI: sketch proof of the main conjecture for the balanced-sequences model
25 July 2017 | 10:50 pm

I have now completed a draft of a write-up of a proof of the following statement. Recall that a random -sided die (in the balanced-sequences model) is a sequence of length of integers between 1 and that add up to , chosen uniformly from all such sequences. A die beats a die if the number […]

Intransitive dice V: we want a local central limit theorem
30 May 2017 | 10:37 pm

It has become clear that what we need in order to finish off one of the problems about intransitive dice is a suitable version of the local central limit theorem. Roughly speaking, we need a version that is two-dimensional — that is, concerning a random walk on — and completely explicit — that is, giving […]

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