Leprechauns are Multiplying
18 March 2017 | 4:00 am

Littlewood’s Law and Big Data “Leprechaun-proofing” data source Neil L. is a leprechaun. He has visited Dick on St. Patrick’s Day or the evening before many times. Up until this night I had never seen him. Today, Neil’s message is more important than ever. With over a foot of snow in Buffalo this week and […]

Is Computer Security Possible?
8 March 2017 | 3:28 pm

The breaks keep on coming… Holly Dragoo, Yacin Nadji, Joel Odom, Chris Roberts, and Stone Tillotson are experts in computer security. They recently were featured in the GIT newsletter Cybersecurity Commentary. Today, Ken and I consider how their comments raise a basic issue about cybersecurity. Simply put: Is it possible? In the column, they discuss […]

Working Backward
27 February 2017 | 8:44 pm

With a little more from Smullyan YouTube source Maurice Ashley is an American chess grandmaster. He played for the US Championship in 2003. He coached two youth teams from Harlem to national championships and played himself in one scene of the movie Brooklyn Castle. He created a TEDYouth video titled, “Working Backward to Solve Problems.” […]

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